Responses to Tips for Social Media.

1. Effective ways for journalists to use social media: With twitter, you can quickly and easily aggregate information. Rather than sift through dozens of blogs, websites, and newspapers/magazines, you can follow the publications and journalists you are interested in and keep up to date. You can even separate the data into different lists to get data on specific topics. Important things will get retweeted, and you can share information you find important with your followers. It is also a quick and easy way to develop a readership and continually provide them with new content. In the case of breaking news, twitter can be used effectively to provide up to the minute details. 

In addition to job hunting, learning more about possible companies you would like to work for, and building professional connections, LinkedIn is great for searching for sources. Not only can you search for specific people that work in a certain job, you can search for previous jobs. People that used to work at a certain place may have looser lips than people that currently work there. Also, they may feel more comfortable talking through LinkedIn that other social media.Facebook pages are a great way to outwardly display your work to rest of the world without worrying about who sees it. With impressions, you can get an understanding of how many people are reading your work and what sort of reactions they have to it. This can provide great information for future stories.

2. 10 Sample Tweets sent After Aug. 4th
  1. Yah me too RT @alexanderabnos Wow, I just slept a lot. Thinking of it as building equity for the upcoming 10 months with #cuj12
  2. @mbloudoff and I wanna go to a Met’s game before @columbiajourngets too crazy. Any other #cuj12 down? Tickets are pretty cheap
  3. hope some #cuj12 students pay extra attention to 12:30-14:00 of 1st video in @sree online social media lecture
  4. I have a free ticket to see @thisisBoomBox @ the Bowery Ballroom the 17th. Would love a new #cuj12 friend to join. Anyone down?
  5. @rhprocter Why is that? Oh well, done for the day. To the bar! Come join me #cuj12 All work no play makes ryan a dull boy
  6. why do some #cuj12 Students feel the need to constantly tweet facts they hear during lectures, and then retweet those facts to eachother?
  7. Speaker talked about maps. Download one 4 your smartphome instead so you can check it w/o looking like a tourist. Many are free.#cuj12
  8. @SergeyNow @rhprocter across the street @ M to M… better coffee and food, much cheaper, and no lines during break! #cheapeats #cuj12
  9. Thank you @StoryCorps for the amazing and inspirational… presentation? Doesn’t seem like the right word… at #cuj12 today
  10. Feels like I couldn’t be more connected! Tweeting, soundclouding, vimeo-ing, wordpressing and LinkedIn. #cuj12
3. 5 Journalists I have started following after August 4th. 
  1. d3wic (Dewi Cooke) – A recent graduate of Columbia’s Journalism program, she tweeted an amazing list of must-do things in NYC as a student before we leave.
  2. rhprocter (Richard Procter) – Another recent graduate of the J-school that created a helpful blog of tips and advice for the incoming class of 2012.
  3. BGrueskin (Bill Grueskin) – First of all, I wanted his insight into business journalism, which I am ignorant about, but I also heard a rumor that he was leaving the J-School, and I wanted to know what was going on because at one point I was scheduled to be in his class.
  4. JoshElliottABC (Josh Elliott) – He gave an amazing talk at open house, and an even better one at the opening day, and his personal biography matches mine in several uncanny ways.
  5. ReporterLeslie (Leslie Albrecht) – She covers the Upper West Side for DNAinfo, an area we will be occasionally covering in RW1, as well as the area I go to school and live.
4. Now that I am in J-school, I’m going to un-tag even more photos to make my page even more “adult” and professional. When I get the time go through and delete college acquaintances that I no longer remember who they are, and assign the rest of my friends to lists, and create new ones for colleagues, family, etc. I have always been pretty good with privacy settings, but I will double check everything. I am also going to get more strict about editing what is posted on my wall. Finally, I want to create a Facebook Journalism page and post some of my previously published work as well as future work.

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